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How to become a beta tester (last revised: March 8, 2011)

STOP! Before you fill out the application, anybody who wants to become a beta tester needs to understand a few things first. I know it's a lot to read, but read it anyway... First, you need to be a reasonably active participant. This means you can't just join the team and expect to only show your face in the forums once every few months or so. Try to keep up with each new release and provide constructive feedback about your gameplay experiences. I realize I sometimes post new releases frequently, and in such cases I understand if you cannot test each one every single time it's released. For the sake of argument, however, I believe posting feedback AT LEAST once or twice a week with relevant feedback about the most recent release is perfectly reasonable. From time to time, each team member's forum activity will be reviewed and those who have been inactive for too long will be sent a reminder message to come back. If you still remain absent you will be dropped from the team. If you're going on a trip or something for few weeks and fully intend on returning as an active participant in the beta testing, I will gladly keep you as part of the team if you let me know you are going away beforehand.

Secondly, once you are approved as a beta tester and are added to the forum's Beta Tester group (your name will be blue), you will have access to the Beta Testing boards which are hidden from normal forum members. The first thing you should do, before you even download the latest beta release, is head over to those boards and read any stickied threads that are there. They provide information you will need.

If you can agree to these things, then go ahead and submit an application.


Beta Testing Application

This application is revised from time to time, so please read these instructions carefully. Regardless of whether or not you think it is important, if you do not complete the application fully and properly, following all instructions, your application will NOT be accepted and you'll be asked to complete it properly. Also, some people only answer 5 or 6 of the questions and completely omit the rest. Please note that the "code box" containing the application questions scrolls and you need to respond to all of the questions.

1. You must be able to play the game well enough to obtain the gun powerup in the public release of Fangame. You must provide proof of this accomplishment. It can be a screen shot, video, or other form of proof, as long as it convinces me. Please provide a link to your proof at the bottom of your completed application. Having the skill to play Fangame is a crucial part of being able to effectively beta-test it.

2. You must fill out the application below and submit it to me. The application must be submitted properly, so please read these instructions carefully. Copy everything in the CODE box (remember that it scrolls), paste it in a new PM to me, answer the questions, and send it. Make each of your answers on a new line below the question and make your answer text a different color than the question text. See examples in the spoilers:
Spoiler! : Correct way
1. Are you male or female?

Spoiler! : Incorrect way
1. Are you male or female? Male


0. What is your forum username?

1. How old are you?

2.  Are you male or female?

3.  Where did you hear about Fangame: The Game?

4.  Have you played other games like this (other IWBTG style games)?  If yes, which games have you played?  Which of them have you beaten?

5.  What do you think is the most FUN part for you in Fangame so far?  Why?

6.  What do you think is the most DIFFICULT part for you in Fangame so far?  Why?

7.  Have you ever beta-tested for anything before?  If yes, then what?

8.  Have you ever made your own game before?  If yes, describe it and provide a download link if possible.

9.  Beta testers have access to versions that contain special dev controls that can create massive spoilers for new players.  What are some ways you could protect the privacy of these private beta versions of Fangame?

10.  Why do you want to be a beta tester for Fangame?

Note regarding the PM system: I've found that some members have been unable to use the PM system. If you are unable to send a PM, please email me at so that I can fix the PM system for you, then you can submit your application. DO NOT EMAIL ME YOUR APPLICATION!