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Recommend games you've played!



Post Mon Jul 19, 2010 1:53 pm

Recommend games you've played!

Any genre is fine.

I'll start by recommending Dwarf Fortress. For anyone who hasn't played it, it is quite fun once you get the basics! It's basically about you controlling a bunch of dwarves, trying to build an empire underground. While you try to achieve this, you will be attacked by wild animals, dangerous fish in the waters, and visited by traders and other unexpected things.

The game is huge, and you can just keep on expanding your empire until it is absolutely HUGE, making you feel awesome.

There is a guy who has dedicated himself to help people understand this game. He's made over 25 tutorial videos for everything. Below is Part 1, which will show you how the game begins.


Here is a more direct overview of the game:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZncwpfx ... re=related


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Re: Recommend games you've played!


Well, this game is called mario crossover, i assume that most of you have already played this game, if you dont, give it a try, is a really fun game, especially for retro gamers.

info (from the website)
Spoiler! :
Super Mario Bros. Crossover is a nonprofit fan game created by Jay Pavlina of Exploding Rabbit. It exists as a tribute to classic video games and celebrates the games and characters that many of us grew up playing. It gives attention to our gaming roots and serves as a reminder that games do not have to be complicated to be fun. It is not intended to inhibit the copyright holders of the original games it is based on in any way.

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