Post Mon Jan 23, 2012 1:30 am

New Smilies!


:KidIcarusGBPitShootingRight: Well, most of them aren't really smilies. They're video game sprites. When you're using the post editor, you should see some typical yellow smilies over on the right, and underneath is a link called "View more smilies". Click that to bring up a window where you can select from hundreds of different video game sprites to put in your post.

:LoZLinksAwakeningBoo: I'll be adding a lot more, too. I removed the previous ones because they were very unorganized and I wanted to start fresh. I'll even make a special Fangame set kinda like I had before.

:MegaMan4AnimEnemy20R: Wanna help? Find more video game sprites for me. I used to get all of the sprites I just added to the forum. I like their site because I am able to access the directory listings of their files (see here: so I can navigate to the game I want and download the whole folder of sprites all at once without having to get them one by one. I also like how it's so neatly organized by system and game title. Unfortunately, they're missing some stuff I would have liked to add to our collection. Still, I plan on going back to get more :smiley_default_mrgreen:

Oh yeah, and if you do want to find some sprites for the forum, make sure they look good on a dark background.