Post Thu Jan 19, 2012 1:29 pm

Beta Testers Wanted!

I'm looking to expand our beta testing team. If you want to be a Fangame The Game playtester, please make sure you meet the following requirements:

>> You must be good enough at the game to obtain the Gun powerup in the public release. You may be required to provide proof of this, such as a screenshot.
>> You must have the time and availability to be an active participant in the testing process. I would like to be able to have the game ready for official release as soon as possible so the more thorough and prompt the testing is the sooner that can happen
>> You must be registered on the Fangame The Game Forums, of course, because this is where we conduct our beta discussions (not this thread, but a special beta team thread accessible to beta team members only).

Please read this:
What is Beta Testing?
Beta Testing a game is more than just finding bugs and trying to break it. It's about fine-tuning the experience as a whole. When you playtest a game, the developers want to know more than just what needs to be fixed. They want you to tell them all about your experience, good and bad. What parts did you like the most? How was the difficulty curve? Was there too much of this or not enough of that? Did you have fun, and if not, why?... These are all examples of general questions you should be able to answer when providing your feedback. Remember, it's about the whole experience, not just fixing problems. The more you can say about your experience playing the game, the better the game can become. Every time you try out a new beta build, you should have something to say about it.

If you are able to meet the requirements above, please contact me.